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Types of Hunting Knives
Tuesday, June 5, 2012- By admin     (0) Comments

There are 5 major types of hunting knives which every hunter worth his/her name should have in his/her arsenal.
Gut Hook Hunting Knives
A Gut Hook Knife is a specially designed hunting blade with a sharp edged hooked tip.
This makes it suitable for gutting (taking out the intestines and other internal organs) the wild game (including fish) without running the risk of damaging the meat in the process.
Many hunters look down upon Gut Hook Knife as it is not a general-purpose one. They prefer to do the gutting with Wyoming knives. But the crux of the matter is that Gut Hook Knife is a specialized knife which is like by hunters who love to do gutting.
As a bonus, you can use the knife to cut fishing line. It should not be used for any other purpose.
For sharpening a Gut Hook Knife do not sharpen it on a wet stone; instead, use a Round Knife Sharpener – which can reach this inside of the hook’s blade.
Bowie Hunting Knife
This is an ideal tool for hunting, fishing and camping. The tip of the blade has a curved portion which makes it useful for removing the skin of a carcass. A Bowie knife is also large enough for cleaning and butchering large game. In fact, this knife is a multi-purpose one which can also be used to cut down obstructing twigs and hack a few slender branches.
Drop Point Hunting Knife
This type of knife has a longer handle than the blade which is thicker than many other hunting knives. The blade is curved on the cutting side which allows the hunter to remove the skin of the animal using the entire blade instead of the point alone as is the case with some other knives. This saves the hunter time and extends the shelf life of the knife.
NOTE: Attempting to cut the skin of an animal using only the tip of a knife can often stress the tip, causing it to bend, dull, or even break.
The drop point knife has a stronger tip than most other types of hunting knives as well. The curved blade also allows the hunter to remove the skin while leaving the meat intact.
Clip Point Hunting Knife
A Clip Point hunting knife 90% similar to a drop point hunting knife. The easiest way to tell the difference is that the curve at the top of Drop Point knives will always be convex. You can use it for skinning, cleaning and butchering wild game. In contrast to the Drop Point, the Clip Point is only curved near the tip.
Clip Point hunting knife is a versatile tool that can used for any backcountry tasks. You can even use it for fishing tasks such as filleting fish or cutting bait, as well as all camping and backpacking tasks.

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