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How Do I Butcher My Deer?
Tuesday, June 20, 2017- By admin     (0) Comments


Before you start to butcher your deer you will need the following:…

… a Sharp Knife, Hacksaw, Cutting Board, and Butcher Paper. You may also want to keep a sharpening device to ensure that your blade does not loose its edge.

The first step is to cut the carcass in half…

…with your Hacksaw. While cutting through any bone, be sure to wipe off any small bone fragments from the blade as this prevents your meat from being covered in small pieces of bone. Wipe the area you have cut with a damp towel and then pat with a dry towel so the meat stays dry.

After this it’s time to butcher the Rear Legs and Rump. You want to cut around the hip joint…

…so if you need to, move the leg around and figure out where you need to cut. Use your hacksaw to cut below the ribs and remove the rear leg and rump. Use a sharp knife to cut through meat and a hacksaw to get through the bone.

Typically, the upper portions of the legs are used for round steak while the lower portions are used for pot roast. Also remember to cut as straight as possible because it makes the meat look more appealing.

With the rear legs and rump removed, you want to cut the most fleshy part of the meat, the loin. The loin runs along both sides of the spine. To remove the loin you want to cut following the edge of the spine down to the top of the neck. You can then cut the loin against the grain into smaller steaks if you so choose.

After the loin is removed, the next target is the front legs

Follow the leg up to where it meets the chest and cut between the leg and chest muscles with your knife. You can use the upper portion of the legs for pot roast or make it into smaller steaks.

The last butchering in on the neck and ribs

You can make chop the ribs individually or leave it whole. The remaining meat around the neck and legs joints can be trimmed away to make excellent stew or hamburger meat.

Now it’s time for proper storage of the meat

You can wrap the deer meat in Butcher Paper and put in the refrigerator. You may also adopt the smarter technique of vacuum sealing your meat.

But whatever you do, you must consume the meat in 6 months.


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