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Russell's Marine

Russell's Marine - Boat Dealers

     Sailing is moving with the wind - to new places and destinations. It's a beautiful sunset and a gorgeous sunrise. And it's available at an attractive price from Russell's Marine.

Russell's Marine knows the Hunter line well, and can assist you with understanding the features and benefits of each model. 

MacGregor Power-Sailers are a lot of sailboat for the money. It is easy to sail and easy to trailer to your favorite sailing waters. 

A good used sailboat doesn't stay long, so visit this section often. 

You will never tire of the wonderful sensation of sailboating in Maine, shutting off the engine and enjoying the quiet serenity of moving along under sail. There's always another lake, river or part of the coast to experience for the first time. People to meet, and things to do. And a trailerable sailboat gives you all of this. The price is low and the wind is free. Enjoy.
Stan Russell ~ Russell's Marine

Web Site for Russell's Marine

Stan Russell 
97 Grove Street 
Dexter, Maine  04930 
(207) 567-4270

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